How you will understand that your dog has caught worms?

Worms can build the nest on your dog in numerous ways. You can’t keep safe your dog all the time. But after seeing the symptoms and signs of worms in your dog, you can prevent it immediately. You will be glad to know that many things are available at your home which can be used as a remedy of worms in dogs. If you are a dog lover and already are owning a dog, it is needless to say that you have to take care of the health of your dog. You should notice every irritation your dog face or any health issue your dog is suffering from. So when you find out that your dog is reacting weirdly and suffering from any physical pain, you should immediately understand that there is something wrong. If you don’t understand what happened to see the symptoms, you should take your dog immediately to the veterinarian.

There are many ways to understand that your dog has caught worms. Here in this article, I am discussing few of the symptoms your dog could have if it has caught worms. These are:


Lack of energy:

As worms live inside your dog and they take food from your dog, your dog feels lack of energy having the worms. When you see that your dog is not playing as like before and sitting in the corner of your home without doing nothing, you should understand that it has got some problem and this could be worms.


Some worms like heartworm and hookworm live in the blood, and they also suck blood from the body of your dog. For this reason, your dog may suffer from the anemia.


If your dog suddenly starts vomiting, you should figure out the actual reason. If your dog catches worms by any means and they increase their family members in a large number, then your dog can vomit. Most of the time you will see the worms are coming with the vomit off your dog.

Weight loss:

If you notice that the appetite of your dog is decreasing gradually, then you should have a close look on your dog. Most often if your dog is infected by the worms, it can lose weight. 

Abnormal hunger:

The worms are parasites, and they start producing more larvae inside the belly of your dog once they get into the dog. These parasites take all the food your dog eat and leave your dog hungry all the time. So, you should take steps when you see such symptoms in your dog.

So these are the most common symptoms which are seen when your dog is caught by the worms. You need to take necessary steps against the worms if you want to see your dog healthy and stout. You can apply the home remedies for your dogs to prevent and kill the worms.